Cançons Líquides - Carme Cuesta / Joan Sanmartí

2006 - SatchmoJazz records


  1. Carrers
  2. Volar
  3. Espero
  4. Cançons líquides
  5. Som un
  6. Pierdo el tiempo
  7. Dia sí, dia no
  8. Me quiero ir
  9. La nena plora
  10. Desde el tren
  11. Només mira'm


  • Carme Cuesta - vocals
  • Joan Sanmartí - electric guitar, 6 and 9 string acoustic guitars
  • Curro Gálvez - double bass
  • Jesús Reina - drums

This is a collection of songs that have emerged from the encounter of a voice and a guitar, from two artists with long experience in the waters of music. Songs made between two and also songs by Carme refined by Joan. Liquid songs. Because, as water, they flow, they get transformed and adapted to the moment they are sung. They splash and move whoever listens to them. Is jazz solid? Is it liquid? These songs have been formed by mixture of oceans' water and sediments of all the rivers in which we have ever bathed; for that they sing in Catalan and Spanish. Our words, our melodies, our liquid songs.