Me lo dijo Perez

1996 - Conservas Supersonicas


  1. Tribal implosion
  2. ¿¡Que dices!?
  3. Me lo dijo Perez
  4. Duncan
  5. The little drummer
  6. Referències
  7. I'll remember April
  8. Reprise
  9. Jesus, joy of a man desiring
  10. Margarita
  11. Like
  12. Anis

  13. All songs by Joan Sanmarti except "Anis" by Ll. Ribalta, "Me lo dijo Perez" by Alberto Cortez, "The little drummer" by Katherine K. Davis, "I'll remember April" by R. de Pal i J. Stone i "Jesus, Joy of man desiring" by J. S. Bach


  • Joan Sanmartí - guitars, sampling and programming
  • Lluis Ribalta - drums and percussion